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Ashley Madison Review
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Some Features of Ashley Madison

  • A member can browse for the local search or a match from a particular geographical location
  • Ability to see when your contacts are online
  • High level of security, which is ensured with the help of modern programs;
  • A unique feature that notifies members about who had been viewing their page.
  • Provision of flash chat thus allowing members to talk about a particular topic or geographical location.
  • Free registration service
  • The service exists since 2007
  • Most members at FuckSwipe are here for the same thing.
  • 7-day free trial access to adult video sites
  • Live webcam feature
  • Safe for work design
  • Many young singles;
  • Impossible to use the site as a non-paying member
  • No search engine
  • For one to enjoy the services provided here, subscription fee is a must

What is Ashley Madison: more than an extramarital affair site?

Ashley Madison is known worldwide as the dating site for infidelity. But it doesn’t stop there, as many single men and women seek a level of discretion that Ashley Madison offers for a variety of reasons, whether they want to have an affair or explore their sexuality. In this way, Ashley Madison defines itself as the meeting point for adult and discreet relationships with open-minded men and women.

Opinion, Review, Operation

Ashley Madison started its activity around the year two thousand and one, when there were not many sites where to look for discreet adult dating. At that time, many people went to normally dating sites, but it was difficult for them to find people who were looking for the same type of encounter and were of the same opinion. Thus, Ashley Madison was born as the site for dating married people privately. Today it has continued to grow to become the international leader in countries such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, … in the niche of discreet affairs. Although it was initially born out of the demand of married people who wanted a meeting place where they could have extramarital affairs, it has now grown to offer much more.

How does Ashley Madison work?

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Free. For women, membership on Ashley Madison with all the usage options is free in case they are searching for men, thus encouraging women to register, leveling the scales and attracting male users to the platform. A woman can make full use of the platform being able to send and receive free messages at no cost, so if you are a woman seeking a man do not think about it and try now to create your profile.

For men or women looking for relationships with other women, they can register a free guest profile to view profiles, get to know the platform, share photos with other users and send winks. If they wish to start communicating with other users, they will have to upgrade to full membership by purchasing a package of credits.

Sign In

Once you have registered with Ashley Madison from their home page, after filling out a quick and easy questionnaire, you will be able to upload a photo with the option of blurring it or placing a blindfold to ensure discretion and privacy. Now that you have created a user, you will be able to log in with your user whenever you want from the home page and visit the platform from the inside. If you are a man and want to contact other users, then you will have to sign up for a membership through their credit system.


How much does Ashley Madison cost?

To be a full member and be able to use all the features, you must have credits in the account or an active subscription. The different plans they offer are:

  • Basic Plan: With a cost of $0.59 per credit and a quantity of 100 credits, this plan has a total cost of $59 which includes taxes, wherever applicable.
  • Classic Plan: It has a cost of $0.34 per credit, for a total cost of $169 for 500 credits.
  • Elite Plan: Its total cost is $289 and includes an extraordinary amount of 1000 credits, whose individual cost is $0.29 per credit.

Methods of Payment

Credit card Visa / Mastercard (the charge will not be made out to Ashley and Madison, but discreetly)

Other payment methods such as Skrill/Paysafe Card/PayPal.

Other features

Girl Want To Meet Man on Ashley Madison

Priority Man: this feature makes your user to be highlighted in the list of results so that you will receive more visits to your profile.

Priority Mail: by sending a message as a priority message, it will be highlighted in the recipient’s mailbox.

Travelling Man: ideal for business trips or vacations, it will make it easier for you to contact women looking for discreet adventures in the area.

Spontaneous Contacts: the cheapest service without the need to pay for additional membership packages. This service allows you to read and reply to messages from women without paying. You will only need to pay credits when you initiate the conversation. At the time of checkout on Ashley Madison, you have the option to activate the thirty-day free trial of spontaneous contacts. Remember to cancel the free trial if you do not wish to be renewed and billed monthly for the use of the service, you can cancel the spontaneous contacts at any time.

Mobile App

You can use Ashley Madison from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. In addition to the mobile version of its website, with the app for android or iOS.

Ashley Madison does not have official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Delete Account

To deactivate your profile, preventing it from appearing in the searches, hiding it and giving you the possibility to restore your account in the future, you can do it from the section Manage profile – Delete profile.

To delete your profile completely, removing it from the site, deleting messages, history and photos, you can also do it from the section Manage profile – Delete profile.

Cancel Subscription

To cancel the renewal of the Spontaneous Contacts or Priority Man subscriptions in the Credit History section choose which subscription you wish to cancel.

For a subscription, membership in the Manage Subscriptions section and decide the one you wish to cancel.

Hacking attack

In two thousand fifteen, Impact Team, a group of hackers, carried out a hacking attack on the database of Ashley Madison with the theft of a list of data trying to extort the company and accusing it of using bots and fake profiles. This hacking scandal that was aired all over the news, even in a Netflix documentary, served as publicity for the already well-known infidelity site, putting it on everyone’s lips. It ended up producing the departure of CEO Noel Biderman. Since then, they have continued working to offer the level of security and discretion that a business like theirs needs.


Ashley Madison has extensive experience in the world of discreet dating and extramarital affairs, when in doubt whether it is reliable, they themselves give a series of tips to ensure your privacy to the maximum and avoid any kind of attack such as phishing. The fact that women can enter for free makes a good claim for men to go after, first trying a guest profile and if you are curious, with a paid membership with its credit system.